Glencarrig Farmhouse B&B
Farmhouse B&B and Full Accommodation in West Clare Ireland
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Covid-19 Care Policy

We have adapted and enhanced hygiene practices and are familiar with official guidelines as outlined by H.S.E. & H.S.A., W.H.O. & F.S.A.I.

I, Mary Aston, co-ordinate and am responsible for implementing Covid 19 Policy.

We cover:-

• Hand and Respiratory hygiene & Physical distancing requirements (through handwashing, hand sanitizers & official signage) within the premises

• Use of P.P.E. where necessary (i.e. masks, gloves & aprons)

• A cleaning/disinfection regime throughout the guest house, as per H.S.E. guidelines.

Breakfast Policy

Because of Covid 19 we will be staggering breakfast times. We will be limiting the number of people in the dining room together at any one time. This will be adapted daily depending on our guests’ needs.

We ask guests not to delay over breakfast. If you could please allow 40 mins. over breakfast to facilitate cleaning between times and consider other guests coming in later.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Even if we can’t shake your hands we want you to feel very welcome. We have been advised not to have brochures or folders in the guest house due to Covid 19.

PLEASE feel free to ask us anything about the area or its amenities, or any information at all that you may need and we will be happy to be of assistance.

Cleaning – Disinfecting Rooms as per Guidelines

Guest rooms and Bathrooms are cleaned daily as are communal areas- hall, games room, sitting room and dining room here at Glencarrig.

List of specifics


• Doors & door handles

• Taps, plugs and handbasin

• Toilet & toilet handle

• Shower cubicle

• Mirror

• Floor

• Bin


• Bed laundered

• All surfaces

• Head board

• Window sills

• Remote control

• T.V. and stand

• Door and door handles

• Light switches

• Hoover carpets


• Doors & door handles

• Window sills & long ledge

• Light switches

• Stairs

• Floor

Games room, Sitting room & Patio area

• Doors & door handles

• All surfaces

• Pool tables & cues

• Window sills

• Light switches

• T.V. & T.V. table

• Outdoor table & chairs

• Floors

Dining Room

• Tables & chairs

• Doors and door handles

• Side board

• Cabinet

• Piano

• Floor

Rooms are ventilated daily – Rooms ventilated for 1hr. after departure and before cleaning. Ventilated for a minimum of 1hr. after cleaning.

• We have placed a hand sanitizer station inside hall on arrival with adequate paper towels & pedal bin provided which is emptied daily or more frequently if necessary.

• Keys will be disinfected before and after check in and check out.

• We have signage advising guests of social distancing and hand & respiratory hygiene. This sign is laminated for ease of cleaning and disinfecting.

• We are required to remove Brochures/ Flyers etc. and minimise clutter on window sills

• We are also expected to cut back on cushions, throws etc. in bedrooms to minimise the requirement for excess laundry.

Please enjoy your stay at Glencarrig.